Validation by a Duly Qualified Person

Meters can only be approved and validated by a duly qualified person prior to governmental approval for use. AgFlow Solutions Ryan Hunt is a nationally certified Meter Validator who has over 10 years experience in water meter validation.

  • Compliant metering
  • Validation of new installations
  • Revalidation of repaired meters

Standards for new and replacement meters

All new and replacement meters will need to comply with these standards from 1 April 2019.

• A new work means a work authorised by an authority that is granted on or after 1 April 2019.
• A new or replacement meter means a meter that is installed on or after 1 April 2019.

An authority means a water supply work approval, an entitlement under the Water Act 1912 or (in the case of state significant infrastructure, state significant development or fossicking) an access licence.

  • Pattern approved
  • Installation to AS4747
  • Tamper-evident seals
  • Data logger
  • Telemetry
  • Maintenance

For a Validation to be completed your site must be up to the AS4747 standards. The validation process includes a few steps including photos of site and tamper-evident seals to be fitted. After which a specific form is to be completed by a DQP and supplied to the meter owner and NSW Government.

Water users must ensure that a duly qualified person:

• installs or re-installs any metering equipment in connection with their works

• validates their metering equipment on installation, at least every five years (for closed pipe) or annually(for open channels), and in any other circumstances in which validation is required under AS 4747 (for example where maintenance activities impact on a feature assessed during a previous validation), and

• carries out all maintenance required to be carried out by a duly qualified person under the maintenance specifications approved by the Minister and published on the department’s website.

A duly qualified person who validates metering equipment (on installation, re-installation or when otherwise required by AS4747) must provide a certificate to the relevant user, in the approved form, that the validation has been done in accordance with AS4747.

Where the metering equipment does not comply, a certificate in the approved form must be provided settingout the reasons why the equipment does not comply and modifications required for compliance, and the DQPmust notify the Minister if they know or reasonably suspect that metering equipment they are installing or arecarrying out work on has been tampered with.

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How often do i have to have my meter validated?

A validation lasts up to 5 years unless in that time period the tamper-evident seals are broken for any reason. A broken tamper-evident seal means new photos and the specific form be filled out and submitted again. Containing the new tamper-evident seal's ID number.

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